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Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust: The best and Efficient Threshold Fan.

Ceiling fans certainly are a preference atlanta divorce attorneys Indian household, and Crompton is just a well-known brand which has been providing quality fans for many years. The Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust is just a new addition with their selection of fans that promises to provide on both performance and durability. In this informative article, we shall take a closer think about the Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust and explore its features, specifications, and performance.


The Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust features a sleek and modern design that is certain to complement any interior. The fan comes in a metallic finish, which gives it a premium appear and feel. The fan has three blades created from high-quality aluminum, which ensures that the fan is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

crompton avancer prime anti dust Anti Dust Feature

Among the standout top features of the Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust is its anti-dust technology. The fan includes a unique coating that prevents the accumulation of dust on the blades. Which means the fan requires less maintenance and cleaning, rendering it perfect for households situated in dusty environments.


The Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust is a high-speed ceiling fan that’s effective at delivering a maximum speed of 370 RPM. The fan features a powerful motor that ensures optimal air delivery, rendering it perfect for large rooms or spaces. The fan also includes a handy remote control, which makes it simple to operate and adjust the speed and settings.

Energy Efficiency

The Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust is an energy-efficient fan that consumes only 62 watts of power. This means the fan isn’t just green but additionally helps in reducing power bills. The fan also has a BEE 5-star rating, which really is a testament to its energy efficiency.


The Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust comes with a two-year warranty, which covers any manufacturing defects or faults. This means that the fan is reliable and durable, and provides satisfaction to the user.

Price and Availability

The Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust is to arrive at around Rs. 4000, making it an acceptable option for households buying reliable and efficient ceiling fan. The fan can be obtained for purchase on Crompton’s official website, as well as other e-commerce platforms.


The Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust is a reliable and efficient ceiling fan that provides excellent performance, energy efficiency, and zero-maintenance. The fan’s anti-dust technology ensures that it remains clean and functioning optimally for longer periods, rendering it a great selection for all those surviving in dusty environments. The fan’s sleek design, handy handy remote control, and BEE 5-star rating allow it to be an intelligent and practical selection for households buying reliable and energy-efficient ceiling fan at a reasonable price.

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